What Is SEO?

What is SEO?

It’s a bit of a geek term. It means Search Engine Optimization.

In English it translates to: “Getting found on Google. And Bing. And Yahoo.”

And to me, it’s the most important thing for business. Sure a pretty website is nice. But it has to be functional and it has to be seen. Otherwise it’s like a Ferrari in a garage. Sure, it’s beautiful but if nobody ever sees it then what’s the point?

And I say that as a person whose company builds websites, too. But the truth is this: SEO is more important. Ideally you want both, a nice functional site. And a site that is easily found.

The good news is we can get you traffic. In this “info at my fingertips” world we live in, it’s vital. Your business MUST be able to be found.


On the Web.

In Local Searches.

And on Mobile Devices.


Call us and let us know how we can help your business get found. Getting found means more customers. More customers means more revenue.

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