Plain and simple: This is not for everyone. But if you want to increase traffic and revenue and be guaranteed to be on Page 1 of Google within a week, it can be done. How? By paying Google to be on Page 1.

You’ve seen the little text ads on the right hand side of Google for years. This is PPC. Every time you click on one of those little links, Google gets paid. And the person who put that ad there gets charged a fee. They are “paying for your click.” Most people don’t even realize that these ads are THE reason Google is the powerhouse it is today. These little ads make Google an estimated $10 Billion a month.

Without these ads, there would have been no Gmail, no Android and no behemoth we know today.

It is so very powerful to advertise this way. But it is expensive. And will be even more expensive if you don’t know your way around. You will want someone with a few years of experience doing this for you, to maximize your ad costs. If you are serious about this kind of advertising, let us know.

Secondarily, Facebook is starting to use similar ads within its environment. It is slightly less expensive, and some say more effective than Google.

Either way, we can help when you are ready to make this step and try paid advertising on the internet.